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Ore is located in East Sussex

Coordinates: 50°52′20″N 0°36′31″E / 50.8721°N 0.6085°E / 50.8721; 0.6085

Ore, a former village, is still known locally as a village by local population, although it now a suburb of the urban area of the town and borough of Hastings in East Sussex, England. It is located 1.3 miles (2.1 km) to the north-east of the town on the main road to Rye (the coastal A259 road). Its name may have originated from the Old English word for "stream-bank". The Ore Stream still runs through a large central Woodland area known locally as Speckled Wood, Hastings at the top of the Valley. It is the largest suburb of Hastings.

Ore Valley lies to the west of Ore Village, and is the site of Ore Railway Station and the former Broomgrove power station. It is also the site of a proposed major redevelopment and housing project.

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