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The rings of Neptune consist primarily of five principal rings and were first discovered (as "arcs") in 1984 in Chile by Patrice Bouchet, Reinhold Häfner and Jean Manfroid at La Silla Observatory (ESO) during an observing program proposed by André Brahic and Bruno Sicardy from Paris Observatory, and at Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory by F. Vilas and L.-R. Elicer for a program led by Williams Hubbard. They were eventually imaged in 1989 by the Voyager 2 spacecraft. At their densest, they are comparable to the less dense portions of Saturn's main rings such as the C ring and the Cassini Division, but much of Neptune's ring system is quite tenuous, faint and dusty, more closely resembling the rings of Jupiter. Neptune's rings are named after astronomers who contributed important work on the planet: Galle, Le Verrier, Lassell, Arago, and Adams. Neptune also has a faint unnamed ring coincident with the orbit of the moon Galatea. Three other moons orbit between the rings: Naiad, Thalassa and Despina.

The rings of Neptune are made of extremely dark material, likely organic compounds processed by radiation, similar to that found in the rings of Uranus. The proportion of dust in the rings (between 20% and 70%) is high, while their optical depth is low to moderate, at less than 0.1. Uniquely, the Adams ring includes five distinct arcs, named Fraternité, Égalité 1 and 2, Liberté, and Courage. The arcs occupy a narrow range of orbital longitudes and are remarkably stable, having changed only slightly since their initial detection in 1980. How the arcs are stabilized is still under debate. However, their stability is probably related to the resonant interaction between the Adams ring and its inner shepherd moon, Galatea.

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Mindre orter i närheten

Ankarsrum    (11 km)

Mindre bebodda platser i närheten

Totebo    (8 km)

Tuna Vimmerby    (13 km)

Gunnebo    (18 km)

Gunnebobruk    (18 km)

Övriga orter i närheten

Getterum    (2 km)

Haraldsbo    (3 km)

Persvik    (5 km)

Pipetorp    (5 km)

Gåsefall    (6 km)

Blikstorp    (7 km)

Blixtorp    (7 km)

Falsterbo    (7 km)

Gissebo    (7 km)

Vånga    (7 km)

Falla    (8 km)

Stämshult    (8 km)

Norrhult    (9 km)

Annerössle    (10 km)

Annrössle    (10 km)

Annrötsle    (10 km)

Blanka    (11 km)

Boda    (11 km)

Flohult    (11 km)

Lugnet    (11 km)

Blankaholm    (12 km)

Dämshult    (12 km)

Krogsfall    (12 km)

Repevassa    (12 km)

Västra Ramnebo    (12 km)

Yxered    (12 km)

Bredglo    (13 km)

Dynestad    (13 km)

Harnäs    (13 km)

Kropphällarna    (13 km)

Mörtfors    (13 km)

Skälsebo    (13 km)

Tibbhult    (13 km)

Göljerum    (14 km)

Hålvik    (14 km)

Solstadgruva    (14 km)

Tätvik    (14 km)

Dalsebo    (15 km)

Hökfors    (15 km)

Hökhult    (15 km)

Ishult    (15 km)

Kallsebo    (15 km)

Kalsebo    (15 km)

Lund    (15 km)

Lunden    (15 km)

Mjöshult    (15 km)

Ryggåsen    (15 km)

Stormandebo    (15 km)

Fårhult    (16 km)

Götehult    (16 km)

Henriksnäs    (16 km)

Mantebo    (16 km)

Mellingerum    (16 km)

Adriansnäs    (17 km)

Äskestock    (17 km)

Brantestad    (17 km)

Dabbekulla    (17 km)

Falkemåla    (17 km)

Fjälster    (17 km)

Fridhem    (17 km)

Gölghult    (17 km)

Göljhult    (17 km)

Karlslund    (17 km)

Krogstorp    (17 km)

Krokstorp    (17 km)

Möllekulla    (17 km)

Skaftet    (17 km)

Skaftet och Falkemåla    (17 km)

Väderum    (17 km)

Västerrum    (17 km)

Västerum    (17 km)

Vestrum    (17 km)

Alsarp    (18 km)

Blomsterhult    (18 km)

Danevik    (18 km)

Flivik    (18 km)

Hällerum    (18 km)

Höghult    (18 km)

Junnarp    (18 km)

Källviken    (18 km)

Kvarnarp    (18 km)

Lindhult    (18 km)

Östra Skälö    (18 km)

Skälö    (18 km)

Vivastemåla    (18 km)

Ytterbo    (18 km)

Yxnevik    (18 km)

Berget    (19 km)

Blaxhult    (19 km)

Flatebo    (19 km)

Flugenäs    (19 km)

Frödingehult    (19 km)

Grinderum    (19 km)

Gutan    (19 km)

Hökhult    (19 km)

Hultserum    (19 km)

Imbramåla    (19 km)

Kalerum    (19 km)

Plåttorp    (19 km)

Skavetö    (19 km)

Skinshult    (19 km)

Strandbo    (19 km)

Tälleryd    (19 km)

Västantorp    (19 km)

Verkebäck    (19 km)

Ytternäs    (19 km)

Fermesbo    (20 km)

Hålbäckshult    (20 km)

Holbäckshult    (20 km)

Puksätter    (20 km)

Vassemåla    (20 km)

Landmärken i närheten

Fårhultsmasten    (15 km)

Kyrkor i närheten

Hjorteds Kyrka    (2 km)

Ankarsrums Kyrka    (11 km)

Tuna Kyrka    (12 km)

Ishults Kapell    (13 km)

Gladhammars kapell    (15 km)

Gladhammars kyrka    (15 km)

Västrums Kyrka    (17 km)

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