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The rings are named alphabetically in the order they were discovered. The main rings are, working outward from the planet, C, B and A, with the Cassini Division, the largest gap, separating Rings B and A. Several fainter rings were discovered more recently. The D Ring is exceedingly faint and closest to the planet. The narrow F Ring is just outside the A Ring. Beyond that are two far fainter rings named G and E. The rings show a tremendous amount of structure on all scales, some related to perturbations by Saturn's moons, but much unexplained.

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Övriga orter i närheten

Sädvaluspe    (2 km)

Sädvaluspen    (2 km)

Jäckvik    (10 km)

Jäkkvik    (10 km)

Jekkvik    (10 km)

Lovmokk    (10 km)

Adolfsström    (17 km)

Adolfström    (17 km)

Silpajåkk    (20 km)

Kyrkor i närheten

Jäkkviks Kapell    (10 km)

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